About Q-Lise

About Q-Lise

In 2002, after many years of maintaining seamers for his former employer, Jan Kappert decided to start his own business focusing on Seamers and their maintenance – something Jan was very passionate about. In the previous 30 years of his career, Jan had developed his skills in the field of seamer maintenance and successfully developed an innovative plan to increase line speeds. With Jan’s specialist knowledge and expertise, Quality Line Service (Q-Lise) was born, with the aim of relieving its customers of the maintenance, repairs, and inspections of their seamers.

Succession within the family

In the same year, son Niek Kappert joined the company. He started working as a mechanic and after years of experience and multiple training courses, Niek took over from Jan in 2013, with great success.

Q-Lise has further specialized in maintaining various seamers under the stewardship of Niek Kappert. The working area has been further expanded from only within Europe to outside Europe such as England, and Africa. The work has also been expanded. You can now also contact Q-Lise for, among other things, seaming tests with the aim of optimizing the seaming quality and seaming courses in which we further increase the knowledge level of our customers employees.

Our services

Quality and reliability are of paramount importance to this family business. Q-lise has a permanent team of specialists who have extensive knowledge of seamers and the seaming process. With these specialists, Q-Lise maintains the seamers of her customers who package their products in cans, cardboard or plastic using a seamer that seams the lid onto the can. Service is currently provided to customers in the beer, soft drinks, milk, milk powder, preserves, fish, coffee and peanuts sectors.

Q-Lise has knowledge of the most common suppliers of seamers and the associated types. You can also contact us for an inspection, repair or overhaul of the seamer. Click here for more information about our services and working methods.

Want to work with or for us?

Call us on: 0572 – 745 041 or send us an e-mail to info@q-lise.com