Modificaties / upgrades uitvoeren

Modifications or upgrades may be available for various aspects of the seamer such as;
- Adjustments or optimization of the production process
- Technology upgrades
- Adjustments to the packaging designs of the can and lid
- Sustainability applications

Adjustments or optimization of the production process reduce the risk of damage and smearing of product, grease or oil. This means we are working on a higher quality standard. Technology upgrades can increase efficiency, improve accuracy and optimize the overall seaming quality of the seaming process.

An example of a technological upgrade is, for example, the installation of new seamer tooling that is equipped with ceramic bearings and the latest seals so that lubrication frequency can be reduced.

Customers may have specific requirements for their packaging designs that may not initially seem feasible.

We can assist with research into the feasibility of processing these new packaging designs and can still meet these unique requirements by, for example, installing modifications in the seaming process.

Given the growing demand for sustainable practices and the associated changing regulations, a company can make adjustments to comply with new standards and regulations, for example in the areas of food safety or environmental conservation.

A concrete example of sustainability is reducing CO2 when filling the cans.

Our team has extensive knowledge of various suppliers of seamers and the associated types. We do not shy away from a challenge!