Seamer Change Overs

Seamer Change Overs

Do you want to be flexible towards your customers and offer a wider range of can and lid sizes? Then you cannot avoid converting the seamer. The change over variation can depend on the specific changes in can and lid sizes. If you only change the contents without changing the diameter of the can or lid, a so-called height conversion is sufficient. With this adjustment, the height of the machine is adjusted for the higher or lower can.

If a change in can diameter is made, all stars and guides must be replaced with new ones with the correct dimensions for the new can. This concerns a larger change over, where adjustment and timing of the machine is essential to prevent problems or deviations such as damages and false seams.

If the lid diameter is changed then the entire lid magazine, including the lid guides have to be replaced. This often happens in combination with a change of can diameter.

This is an extensive adjustment that requires the entire seamer, including the seaming rolls, to be reset.

It is crucial to guarantee the quality of the seam.

With our specialized team we can support you with any conversion of the seamer. In addition, we always examine and advise whether a reduction in change over time is feasible by applying a different method which reduces the number of parts required.

In this way, the change over time is shortened and more available production time is created.