The purpose of an overhaul is to extend the life of the machine, improve performance and optimize operational efficiency. For us, an overhaul starts with a pre-overhaul inspection/diagnosis of the seamer. During the pre-overhaul inspection, we conduct a thorough inspection to examine the current condition of the seamer and specifically the wear parts. In addition, we take the maintenance and production forecast for the coming year into account when considering which work needs to be carried out during the overhaul as well as the history of the machine.

During the overhaul, the building groups are dismantled and assessed one by one. The parts that are ordered will be replaced, the condition of the dismantled parts is assessed and, if necessary, a report will be made with required replacements for the next overhaul.

After everything has been repaired and replaced, all assemblies are reassembled and adjusted. The machine then undergoes an extensive test to check whether everything functions correctly and the seams meet the required specifications. Finally, our technicians supervise the test run and start-up of the line before it is handed over to the customer.

Multi-year overhaul plan (MYOP)

In addition to the standard overhaul plan, we can also provide support for drawing up a MYOP. With a MYOP, a plan is drawn up for complete maintenance cycle in which the entire machine is overhauled. Depending on the machine, this is usually a 4-, 6- or 8-year maintenance plan.

With this MYOP you have an overview of the overhaul work for several years, which allows a clear cost estimate to be made for the maintenance budget.

Overhauls can take place at your location or in our workshop, whichever suits you best. Our team is ready for it.